Caribbean Club Bonaire

This Resort is consistently defined by its guests as the hidden gem of Bonaire, and righteously so; its secluded location, lush gardens and quietness make it a peaceful getaway, and the perfect place for your vacation. The excellent location of this venue gives an unobstructed view of the Caribbean where you will with no doubt, enjoy breathtaking sunsets.

Located closer to the more northern dive sites than any other hotel in Bonaire and is also very close to the challenging mountain bikes routes, and caves. You can even plan a cave-snorkeling excursion to explore this amazing natural underworld!

The Hotel has all the facilities a diver will need: Dive Shop, Academy and air & Nitrox is included. The bar & restaurant is as cozy as the food is delicious; and the two swimming pools are perfect to rest and reflect on the dives of the day. The staff is kind and flexible, and will work hard to make Caribbean Club your home on Bonaire.


Tel: 00 599 717 5080 Ext. 572 (For reservations)
Tel: 00 599 717 7901 (Resort/non-reservations)
Fax: 00 599 717 7900

For more details you can contact our US Office on:
1-800 906 7708